You can help the the RSA improve its website: please complete this survey

Please note: this survey is now closed. We had a fantastic response from our Comment readers. Many thanks to all who replied!

As December ebbs away at an alarming rate, many people begin to think about their resolutions and plans for 2014.

At the RSA we’ve been thinking about next year for some time as in 2014 we will begin to replace our existing online technology with an up-to-date and fully-integrated website. The aim is to provide better services for our global audiences, including those who visit our websites, read our blogs, attend our events and engage with all aspects of the work we do.

To ensure that the changes we make next year bring real value to all of our users, we are trying to find out more about the people who read our blogs and engage with our website and services.

If you can, please spare us 2 minutes to answer 8 questions that will tell us a little bit about yourself and what you are interested in.

The survey is hosted on the SurveyMonkey website, and doesn’t ask for any contact details. It’s a quick survey, but it could make a big difference to our future services.
Thanks in advance!

  • christina

    It’s only for members who are on social media. Doesn’t include Firefox, privacy or no cookies. Are there any other members who are social media refuse-nicks, like George Clooney and Kiera Knightly, or must we conform?

  • The RSA

    Hi Christina – We’re hoping to get responses from anyone who reads this blog (Fellows, non-Fellows and social media refuse-nicks alike!) If you don’t use social media at all, please just leave that section blank – that information is also valuable to us.

    By the way, I didn’t encounter issues with cookies or have trouble accessing the survey via Firefox, I’m not sure if I understood that part of your comment?