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The Face of Justice?

Andrew Morley FRSA argues that those advocating restricting the wearing of the veil in court should tread carefully.

Rochdale: abuse, misogyny and misrepresentation

Anwar Akhtar FRSA responds to the recent case involving child sexual exploitation in Rochdale.

Improving process or transforming outcomes?

Public service ‘improvement’ strategies should be measured by how lives have improved for individuals and their communities, argues Dr. Peter Dudley FRSA

Police and crime commissioners: a good thing?

Andrew Morley FRSA argues that police and crime commissioners have the potential to systemise the partnership required to tackle crime.

Can we afford writing in prison?

For Frankie Owen, the most important thing about his time in prison was to come out with his core values in tact. Learning from this experience and helped by agencies, he decided to write down his experiences with the aim of helping other prisoners and their families to do the same. I was prisoner A1443CA […]

The justice system and military veterans

Trevor Philpott FRSA argues that our current response to the over representation of military veterans in the criminal justice system signifies a failure in the Military Covenant.

The Nuts and Bolts of Drugs Policy

Within days of the publication of the government’s new drugs strategy, Rebecca Daddow assesses the landscape.

Nurturing children should be everybody’s business

The nurturing of children should be everybody’s business, argues former Children’s Commissioner, Sir Al Aynsley-Green FRSA.

Tailored reform for prisons

Time to take the debate on prisons into the 21st century, writes Jonathan Aitken

The problem with prisons

If prison were a pharmaceutical, judges would not be allowed to use it for sentencing until it had been carefully tested for safety and effectiveness, opines Lawrence W Sherman FRSA