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Can games technology revive place-making?

Anthony Hudson FRSA argues that the internet is demonstrating how we can begin to understand, predict and apply the complex patterns that exist in nature to the development of towns and cities.

Public spaces that love people

Jenny Brotchie argues that the evidence for the positive impact of a high quality built environment on our wellbeing is clear and that people and good design must be central to regeneration efforts.

Designs on Mathematics

Chris Ormell FRSA charts changes in the relationship between maths and design, and suggests a shift in teaching to highlight maths’ role in innovation and technology

What to do about D&T?

David Barlex FRSA argues more needs to be done to bring designerly skills to the classroom following a recent RSA event on the challenges facing design and technology teaching in schools. At the recent RSA event Art, Design and Bad Science John Miller asked what is wrong with Design and Technology (D&T) teaching in schools. […]