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Shopping for Shared Value

Paul Kelly writes about the role big business can play in their surrounding communities.

Engineering needs a ‘Murray moment’

Barrie Weaver FRSA argues that the engineering community needs to learn lessons from retail and media in communicating what it does and why it matters.

Greatest crash

David Kauders FRSA argues that the financial system that evolved from the early Italian bankers needs a fundamental change.

Closing the gap on manufacturing

Peter Mucci FRSA argues for a new approach to design for manufacturing, given its importance to economic recovery

Lets move to…Bedford Falls!

Michael Reardon FRSA wonders whether the story of George Bailey can inspire a model of ethical banking

The best way to save?

John Collison suggests that the time is ripe for policymakers and commentators to understand and encourage employees to hold or save for shares.

Inequality: the real cause of the crisis?

Stewart Lansley FRSA argues that unless we tackle inequality, the slump will continue.

Regional Enterprise Banks could boost economy

Robert Spencer FRSA argues for a new approach to lending.

The twenty first century artists’ guild

Pete Lawrence FRSA explains why a connected community is essential for the future of art in Britain.

An Age of Opportunity

Jeremy Darroch FRSA believes that the private sector can come to be seen as a positive force

The business of family business

Stefan Kemp argues that a simple policy adjustment would deliver more sustainable lives without compromising financial security

‘Globaloney’ and the myth of the borderless economy

Talk of ‘inevitable globalisation’ ignores the extent to which capital and its flows still reside at the national level, argues Ian Fletcher

Is a science career open to anyone?

Diana Garnham opens the debate on attitudes to gender and diversity in the scientific community

The value trinity

Jack Springman explains how to weigh analysis, design and execution in business decision-making

Creative Milieux

As the next great wave of capitalist economic development takes hold, cities will once again be great centres of wealth creation, technological advances and artistic innovation, says John Montgomery FRSA

Against the tide

How many thoughts have not been thought because we are stuck thinking in a certain way? Joe Turner ponders the problem with the social enterprise paradigm

When it comes to innovating, we’ve got a lot to learn

Educating for innovation creates the illusion that anyone can succeed as an entrepreneur but it’s time for the highly-educated to wise up, argues Victor Newman FRSA