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Can games technology revive place-making?

Anthony Hudson FRSA argues that the internet is demonstrating how we can begin to understand, predict and apply the complex patterns that exist in nature to the development of towns and cities.

Public spaces that love people

Jenny Brotchie argues that the evidence for the positive impact of a high quality built environment on our wellbeing is clear and that people and good design must be central to regeneration efforts.

Action on passive housing

The UK’s mainstream political parties agree that we need more homes and to cut carbon emissions. Stewart Fergusson FRSA argues that the ‘passive house’ approach, which is well developed in parts of Europe, provide one answer and that housing associations should lead the drive for innovation.

How cities learn

Eddy Adam FRSA has spent the past year looking at how cities can innovate in addressing the challenges they face in the 21st century. Central to this is how cities can better learn from one another.

Wastes as Resources

With over half the world’s population living in urban conurbations, it is becoming increasingly important to see these areas as alternative sources of natural resources. Chris Coggins FRS argues it is time to embrace urban mining.

Driving young people out

Insurance companies need to find ways of helping young people afford starting to drive, which improves their job prospects, says David Homewood FRSA

In need of marriage counselling

Local governance should be wedded to better global stewardship to achieve Millennium Development Goals, argues Philip Monaghan FRSA

Shining light on the sustainable economy

Mark Hatwood FRSA hopes for a day when industry and government action will create a more sustainable economy

Designs on Mathematics

Chris Ormell FRSA charts changes in the relationship between maths and design, and suggests a shift in teaching to highlight maths’ role in innovation and technology

A Strategy for Smarter Growth

Nicholas Falk FRSA outlines some ways in which smarter growth in building infrastructure and new homes could be achieved.

Climate, biodiversity and the bigger picture

Tim Hirsch FRSA argues that the positive role of biodiversity conservation could help energise public action.

Soliphilia and Citizen Power

Glenn Albrecht explains how to renew the human-environment relationship