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Is the future of cities smart?

Russel Cooke argues that those cities that understand the value of ‘big data’ within their urbanisation strategies will be better positioned for future improvements.

Heritage Exchange 2014: Forging the next generation of heritage thinking

A note from Dame Jenny Abramsky, Chair of the Heritage Lottery Fund, addressing the Heritage Exchange 2014 event, in partnership with the RSA, aiming to help collectively consider the way ahead for the next generation of heritage thinking.

Weathering the Storm: What can we learn from small countries?

In the past few years, the term ‘a perfect storm’ has been employed to describe the twin challenges of relentless growth in demand for public services at a time of flat or reducing government budgets.

Schools of Tomorrow

If schools are going to be able to meet contemporary challenges we cannot continue to think the answer lies is incrementally changing the schools of today, argues Malcolm Groves FRSA. He sets out a new vision and framework for reform.

Social investment and public services reform

One of the challenges for turning ideas into actions is sourcing the funding and financing of innovative programmes designed to test new ways of doing things. Edward Hickman FRSA argues that this challenge is most acute in the sphere of public services.

Changing the way we think about care

Martin Elliott FRSA argues that current thinking about care as a system will not meet our needs.

How cities learn

Eddy Adam FRSA has spent the past year looking at how cities can innovate in addressing the challenges they face in the 21st century. Central to this is how cities can better learn from one another.

Justifying Arts Funding

As spending cuts continue to impact on arts funding, the need for measuring impacts is more important than ever. William Wingate FRSA argues that there maybe an unlikely model from which to learn: transport.

Do the Public Understand Criminal Law?

Dr Anthony Amatrudo FRSA looks at the popular understanding of criminal law, and how the ‘CSI effect’ has made us more scared and punitive.

Time to celebrate recovery?

Stigmatisation and misunderstanding of addiction can only be overcome when recovering addicts are prepared to share their stories, according to Beth Burgess

Improving process or transforming outcomes?

Public service ‘improvement’ strategies should be measured by how lives have improved for individuals and their communities, argues Dr. Peter Dudley FRSA

Widening the lens on public services

Henry Kippin outlines the scope of a new project that looks at how the UK can learn from public services in the developing world

Tomorrow’s Pension

David Pitt-Watson FRSA urges that UK government policy ensures that it builds a pension system that meets 21st century needs.

The best way to save?

John Collison suggests that the time is ripe for policymakers and commentators to understand and encourage employees to hold or save for shares.

Sure Start: how government discovered early childhood

Naomi Eisenstadt FRSA demonstrates how to deliver services for young children, in her story about the development of Sure Start

Rediscovering the human element

Understanding the importance of human relationships can help drive down costs to public services, argues David Boyle FRSA

Could FE go mutual?

FRSAs Gill Howland and Jamie Smith believe there is now a sea change in government thinking on further education.

Prevention in social care

Alex Fox FRSA points out how cost-effective preventative care services can be.

Inequality: the real cause of the crisis?

Stewart Lansley FRSA argues that unless we tackle inequality, the slump will continue.

A Strategy for Smarter Growth

Nicholas Falk FRSA outlines some ways in which smarter growth in building infrastructure and new homes could be achieved.

Can Free Schools Work?

The challenges that face free schools can be overcome by learning from experiences elsewhere.

Regrettable Turnover, Underperformance and Change Fatigue

The pressure of cuts will not always see the strong survive. Cary Cooper argues that managers should act fast.

The Nuts and Bolts of Drugs Policy

Within days of the publication of the government’s new drugs strategy, Rebecca Daddow assesses the landscape.

Does every child still matter as much?

Chris Waterman FRSA is concerned about how austerity measures will impact on children.

Will the Coalition’s school reforms help the poor?

Dr Ruth Lupton FRSA analyses the relationship between school quality and poverty.

The Perils Of Obsessive Measurement

The government wants to get rid of top-down targets and introduce payment by results. It may struggle to do both argues David Boyle FRSA .

Back to the drawing board

Creative entrepreneurs need access to learning opportunities to embrace the latest technology, suggests Jane Gosney FRSA

Beauty and the Big Society

Tom Bolton’s research at CABE unveils some interesting results about our perceptions of beauty within civil society.

Help Yourself To Housing

Jon Fitzmaurice FRSA explores self-help housing, an alternative route for people who “can’t rent, can’t buy”

Understanding networks and rethinking society

Steve Broome FRSA looks at how new understanding of networks is informing the RSA’s work on drug use