Articles tagged with » Regional development

Can games technology revive place-making?

Anthony Hudson FRSA argues that the internet is demonstrating how we can begin to understand, predict and apply the complex patterns that exist in nature to the development of towns and cities.

Public spaces that love people

Jenny Brotchie argues that the evidence for the positive impact of a high quality built environment on our wellbeing is clear and that people and good design must be central to regeneration efforts.

Rochdale: abuse, misogyny and misrepresentation

Anwar Akhtar FRSA responds to the recent case involving child sexual exploitation in Rochdale.

Illuminating Indigenous Ideas

Patrick de Flufy illustrates the mischaracterisation of Amazon’s indigenous peoples and the complex reality on the ground.

Improving process or transforming outcomes?

Public service ‘improvement’ strategies should be measured by how lives have improved for individuals and their communities, argues Dr. Peter Dudley FRSA

In need of marriage counselling

Local governance should be wedded to better global stewardship to achieve Millennium Development Goals, argues Philip Monaghan FRSA

A Strategy for Smarter Growth

Nicholas Falk FRSA outlines some ways in which smarter growth in building infrastructure and new homes could be achieved.

Help Yourself To Housing

Jon Fitzmaurice FRSA explores self-help housing, an alternative route for people who “can’t rent, can’t buy”

Lessons of the Greek crisis

Our European leaders took a step too far, too fast when they introduced monetary union argues Anand Menon.

Creative Milieux

As the next great wave of capitalist economic development takes hold, cities will once again be great centres of wealth creation, technological advances and artistic innovation, says John Montgomery FRSA

Soliphilia and Citizen Power

Glenn Albrecht explains how to renew the human-environment relationship

Dirigiste hippy capitalism, come on down

Tim Jackson is right to argue that government backing for the green economy has been weak, says Jonathan Guthrie FRSA, but it is Luddite to dismiss technological advances as promoting inequality