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Engineering needs a ‘Murray moment’

Barrie Weaver FRSA argues that the engineering community needs to learn lessons from retail and media in communicating what it does and why it matters.

Wastes as Resources

With over half the world’s population living in urban conurbations, it is becoming increasingly important to see these areas as alternative sources of natural resources. Chris Coggins FRS argues it is time to embrace urban mining.

RSA Animate – The Power of Networks

In this RSA Animate, Manuel Lima, senior UX design lead at Microsoft Bing, explores the power of network visualisation to help navigate our complex modern world.

Digital media and urban spaces

Barbara Anderson FRSA argues that we all share a responsibility to shape how technologies shape our lives

In need of marriage counselling

Local governance should be wedded to better global stewardship to achieve Millennium Development Goals, argues Philip Monaghan FRSA

Closing the gap on manufacturing

Peter Mucci FRSA argues for a new approach to design for manufacturing, given its importance to economic recovery

Designs on Mathematics

Chris Ormell FRSA charts changes in the relationship between maths and design, and suggests a shift in teaching to highlight maths’ role in innovation and technology

The justice system and military veterans

Trevor Philpott FRSA argues that our current response to the over representation of military veterans in the criminal justice system signifies a failure in the Military Covenant.

Could FE go mutual?

FRSAs Gill Howland and Jamie Smith believe there is now a sea change in government thinking on further education.

Humanity 2.0

We need to start taking the profound questions that arise from post-humanism seriously, argues Steve Fuller FRSA

Climate, biodiversity and the bigger picture

Tim Hirsch FRSA argues that the positive role of biodiversity conservation could help energise public action.

Practical Arts in Education and Society

Jeremy Broun FRSA argues the hidden value of practical art education

WikiLeaks and the media

The internet is a facilitator of anarchy and rebellion and must be preserved as such, argues Nick Brace FRSA.

Is a science career open to anyone?

Diana Garnham opens the debate on attitudes to gender and diversity in the scientific community

Jaron Lanier: admirable apostate of the digital revolution

The virtual reality pioneer turned digital dissenter has delivered one of the first analyses of digital culture worth criticising, suggests Nico Macdonald