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Tito Franco Castro

David Burns FRSA, Trustee of Peace Child International reflects on the empowerment agenda and the rise of generational friction.

Driving young people out

Insurance companies need to find ways of helping young people afford starting to drive, which improves their job prospects, says David Homewood FRSA

Inequality: the real cause of the crisis?

Stewart Lansley FRSA argues that unless we tackle inequality, the slump will continue.

Enterprise trends

The government needs to understand the trends that are impacting enterprise to help lift us back into prosperity, argues Mike Paice FRSA.

Regional Enterprise Banks could boost economy

Robert Spencer FRSA argues for a new approach to lending.

A new national service for the unemployed

Despite the government’s refrain of us ‘all being in this together’, the current situation is divisive. FRSA Ivor Thomas suggests one way forward. The RSA fundamentally exists to promote and further the well-being of Society. The present social problems we are all facing need to be addressed before anarchy and violence increases. These include rising […]

Back to the drawing board

Creative entrepreneurs need access to learning opportunities to embrace the latest technology, suggests Jane Gosney FRSA

An Age of Opportunity

Jeremy Darroch FRSA believes that the private sector can come to be seen as a positive force

Time to value worklessness

Julian Dobson FRSA argues for policies that begin to un-tap an important source of civic and economic renewal : time.

Baby boomer or bust?

Generation Y’s complaint against the baby boomers is more than spoilt petulance and misplaced entitlement. There is still a case to answer, argues Andrew Hankinson